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UWM, or Unified Weapons Master, is a company trying to develop a suit to be used in a new type of combat sport.
Not only does the suit protect the athlete, it also has biometric sensors to track the athletes heart rate.
The first fights are said to be scheduled for 2016 in Sydney, Australia. They are hoping to bring it to the USA by 2017.
The suit also has sensors which will show the amount of damage each strike would have done unarmoured.
And check out this kick-ass design for female fighters.

Their indiegogo campaign has unfortunately already ended. I was a little late to the party, only discovering this company today.

But we can still develop some hype about this. Their Youtube videos have only a paltry amount of views. If we show them how popular their idea could be, it will create more incentive to make it a reality.

Tell me, who wouldn't want this?

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