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I just wanted there to be an album on Internet that included every Disney themed cocktail. Credit goes to Cocktails by Cory and Circle of Villains. Edit: Just wanted to emphasize again that I did NOT create these recipes. I just noticed that there were several Disney inspired cocktail albums on Internet but there weren't any albums that had the complete collection. I wanted to put this album together so that I could have it ready for when I turn 21 in another month. Edit 2: I'm sensitive to alcohol and need recipes for sipping and recipes for getting wasted. If anyone has any good ideas for a person who can't stand the strong alcohol taste please inbox me your recipes! Edit 3: Here's a lizard in a sombrero">

Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid
Snow White
Alice in Wonderland
The Princess and the Frog
Nightmare before Christmas
101 Dalmations
Peter Pan
The Lion King
Lilo and Stitch
Mickey Fucking Mouse
Pirates of the Caribbean


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