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Let's explore the idea of "food hacking," or finding the fastest and easiest ways to change your cooking habits so you can maximize your life’s efficiency. Bearing this goal in mind, we're turning to one of the most efficient environments there are: the corporate office

The first rule of food hacking: stop being so narrow-minded and heteronormative by confining your cooking to a kitchen. At work, start your hacking as soon as you enter the building's lobby. An elevator can easily become an ascending workspace to create an E-Z morning snack. With the help of a piping hot cuppa joe, a stupid, boring raw egg becomes a hard-boiled delicacy.

No great hacker has ever put their family first. Before leaving the house in the morning, steal your daughter's hairdryer to really "heat things up" without leaving the comfort of your desk. The kids can figure out their own hacks at school.

Finding cheap and easy solutions to cooking in any environment can be a real challenge, so be sure to scrounge around. One man’s toilet may be another man's treasure.

Why go out for lunch when you can just mail it to yourself? Outsourcing work makes everyone’s lives easier and the US Postal Service works as a perfectly reliable delivery service without inciting the usual guilt of “forgetting” to tip.

Forget to contribute to the office potluck? Put a little South in your boss’s mouth with these quick and E-Z shredder nachos. ¡Muy caliente!

Any successful lunchtime involves making time for recess, so do something creative with your down time. Art is defined as anything you make that can be shared on the internet, so make sure your camera has a self-timer.

Hiding your food amongst office supplies allows for continuous snacking throughout the day. And, as with anything, organization is of the utmost importance.

Don't forget: organization is key. Don’t limit your hacking to lunch! The more efficient your corporate eating habits are, the more you’ll be able to get done at work. Why waste time by going home to eat dinner with your family? Office sleepovers can be a lot less lonely if you use your quota to print out a special someone.

Much like in prison, eating between meals at work is almost impossible. Why limit yourself to the traditional means of dining when you have the cunning mind of an adult human being? Heck, the ingenuity of food hacking looks good on anyone’s resume. It might even land you a promotion.


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