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This is an excellent execution of trees in aquascaping.

A more unusual and original desert scene.

Some aquascapes have "waterfalls". They typically use falling sand and a pump system which can lift it.

The forest scene is a favorite among many artists.

In these aquariums, all of the plants are alive and many have other inhabitants such as the obvious, fish, and some have small shrimp as well.

This is an extremely unique and original work which gives the illusion of looking up in a forest. Remember it is actually horizontal.

Background lighting can be used to create stunning effects.

Reflections in the surface of the water can create dramatic additions to or can even be the focus of a unique aquascape.

The use of pathways is commonly used to help make the scene appear deeper than it really is.

This is Takashi Amano. He is the grandfather of the art of aquascaping. Although we lost him this year, his legacy will continue to inspire others for many years to come.


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